About Us

The business of "Neff Repair and Machine" was started in April of 1987 with the purchase of my first lathe and milling machine. This supplemented my farming income. In 1996, I sold the farm ground and bought some ground in the town of Malta, Idaho, 11 miles from the farm. Here, with the help of my children, I built a 2800 sq. foot building to relocate the business. In the small southern Idaho farming and ranching community I do agriculture and automotive repair, tires, machine shop, and some retail sales. With less than a thousand people in our valley, I found myself supplementing my business with building replicas of Civil War cannons. My son and I built the first cannon in 1994, and I have built several since then. Due to the cannons becoming more prominent in the business, I changed the name of the business to "Neff Cannons & Machine LLC" in March 2007.

The 1/6th and 1/3rd scale is the size I prefer to build. The carriages are all made of ash and finished with tung oil. The metal is blued steel or brass. All tubes in 1/3rd scale are in steel, and 1/6th scale are bronze. We can also paint the tube and hardware black and the carriage the drab olive green as was the original colors. The wheels on the 1/3rd scale field pieces stand 18.5 inches tall. 

The Widow Blakely, or the naval gun, would fit nicely on a small table in the den or entryway in your home. The field artillery would fit nicely in the entryway, near the fireplace, or in the office or den.

I felt like I had done it right when someone walked up at a gun show and identified every piece of artillery.